Steel Fencing Performance vs. other Fencing Materials

How is DuraBond superior to Wood and other Fencing Materials?

DuraBond offers a superior product that is guaranteed to not rot, rust or corrode. Over time it outperforms other fencing products on the market.

We supply true gap free privacy fencing, leaving grandma free to sunbathe.

How Long Will DuraBond Last?

Our steel is designed for durability and strength. When installed correctly, we estimate a 30-year plus lifespan.

Backed by our 10 year product warranty, we guarantee your fence will not rot, rust, corrode and the paint will not chalk, fade or change color.

-Peace of Mind for Years to Come

How is DuraBond’s Fencing “Green”?

DuraBond offers a durable, resilient, and sustainable fencing system.

Because of its long life span, and because it is recyclable, our fencing conserves raw resources.

Additionally, DuraBond contains recycled content, thus saving further on energy and resources.

From the manufacturing to the installation process, our steel bears no chemical waste and does not damage the environment, protecting your home and reducing the risk of damaging nearby plants and water sources.

Taken together, the beauty, durability and environmental performance of our fencing make it the responsible choice for your project, your pocketbook, and the environment!

Can DuraBond’s Fencing Function as a Retaining Wall?

DuraBond cannot be used structurally as a retaining wall but can be installed as apart of a retaining wall. i.e. On top of concrete or wood structures.

Can DuraBond’s Fencing Function as a Sound Barrier?

Your fence will also act as a slight sound barrier, the fence’s design causes sound waves to bend around corners and over the fence,

thus reducing noise pollution and displacing sound by as much as 10 decibels.

How does DuraBond perform Hot and Cold Climates?

DuraBond is highly durable and can handle just about any climate, hot and cold.

The layers of galvanizing and paint technology give the fence thermal properties that displace heat allowing your fence to stay cool and plants to not become heat stressed.

It is guaranteed to stay cool and will not expand or contract with fluctuations in temperature.

What is the wind rating for DuraBond’s system?

DuraBond fencing is rated for high winds and gusts up to 135 mph!+

Will the my DuraBond Fence Dent ?

DuraBond fencing is constructed with high grade steel, and like all forms of molded steel can dent when enough force is applied. It is not recommended to lean or stack heavy weight against your DuraBond fence.

What Happens if My Fence Gets Tagged with Graffiti?

Unlike other fencing materials, our fencing is graffiti resistant.

Because of DuraBond’s high-tech coating, graffiti is easy to remove with a water-based solvent.

Better Privacy and Security

DuraBond offers quality privacy and protection by removing any footholds possible, making it extremely difficult to climb.

Aside from not being able to scale the fence, when installed properly your fence will have no gaps for prying eyes.

Overall, it’s difficult to scale and gap free walls make you less of a target for intruders.

What Gauge is the Material?


Our infill sheets are 26 gauge and posts and rails are both 21 gauge.



Care and Cleaning

DuraBond is effectively maintenance free, simply hose it off as seasons change, and take care to clean out the bottom rail channel to avoid build up of dust or other materials.

Can I Paint My Fence?

Our fencing does not require painting or staining. Our super-poly coating is guaranteed to not chalk or fade and will stay looking good as new for ages. We do offer touch up paint for minor scratches. Please note that applying all over paint may void the warranty.

Can I replace damaged panels?

Yes, a damaged panel can be replaced simply by pulling off the top rail, removing the damaged panel, and replacing it with a new panel.

What if I scratch my fence?

We can provide touch up paint which matches the color of your fence.


Who is DuraBond?

DuraBond Modern Steel Fencing of Eugene supplies Australian Made Privacy Fencing to retail and wholesale consumers across the State of Oregon.

At DuraBond Fencing we believe in empowering people to save time, we value safety, privacy and believe in environmentally sustainable solutions that are beautifully designed and simple to use.

Where is DuraBond produced?

DuraBond Steel Privacy Fencing is produced in Australia, where it has been tough tested over time!

Steel fencing has been around for over 50 years in Australia and is very popular Down Under.

Costs and Savings

How Much Does DuraBond’s Fencing Cost?

Initially, DuraBond’s fencing costs slightly more than wood, but costs less than vinyl.

Our fencing outperforms wood and vinyl, and customers never have to sand, stain or paint their fence again!

The savings of time and money over the lifespan of this fencing is remarkable in comparison to privacy fences made from other materials.

Build it Once, Build it Right!

Why is it Important for Businesses Owners to Consider DuraBond Fencing?

Not only will DuraBond Fencing improve appearance, this fencing will increase the bottom line. First, our fencing is competitively priced. And DuraBond lasts so long business owners will recognize the potential for savings when continual maintenance, repair and replacement are figured in.

Business owners recognize that installing fences with products that decay – like wood, plastic, and vinyl – is too costly.

The savings with steel will free up cash flow for other projects!

Is There a Warranty on DuraBond’s Fencing?

DuraBond warranties the material for 10 years for color fastness, we guarantee your fence will not rot, rust or corrode. Warranties for installation and workmanship will depend on the installer, we recommend our installers offer a 12-month warranty and provide a gate adjustment if required.

Technical Information

What are the Standard Heights?

Our standard fencing comes in at 6’ high. Our system allows for fencing from 6ft up to 12ft options. (Permits may be required in some communities for fences over 6’). Customers who are installing DIY or their installers can cut DuraBond to any desired height.

What are the Standard Lengths of a Panel?

Standard length is 7 feet 9 inches.

Gate Kits Are Available

Man Gates (up to 6ft)

Vehicle Gates (up to 8ft panel or 16ft for a Double Swing Gate)

Custom Rolling Gates Available (up to 24ft)

How Heavy is DuraBond’s Fencing?

DuraBond’s fencing weighs 61lbs per panel.

Is the DuraBond fencing system Fire Resistant?

The DuraBond fencing system is non combustible and may help to protect your property in the case of brush fire. CSIRO’s, in Australia, conducted extensive research into the performance of residential boundary fencing in the case of brush fires, and concluded that steel fencing, when compared to other materials “performed the best under all exposure conditions and in particular when faced with 30-minute flame immersion test used to simulate potential effects of an adjacent house fire.”

Click to See The Report

The attached fire study conducted to test our fencing supports, based upon our reading, the conclusion that steel fencing can mitigate the spread of fire and therefore help protect homes who stand in the way of a wildfire.

DuraBond is Noncombustible

FEMA recommends using steel fencing as a way of mitigating fire on your property.

Click to See The Report

When adequately prepared a house can withstand a brushfire or wildfire, DuraBond fencing plays an important role high level home protection and has been used in Firewise Communities.

Installing DuraBond’s Fencing

Can I Cut the Material?

Our fencing can be cut to any length, height or angle. Recommended equipment includes:Gloves, FaceSheild, Skill Saw and or Grinder with a Carbide Blade.

How do I install DuraBond’s Fencing?

DuraBond fencing can be installed by a contractor or a retail customer.

Watch this in depth video on steel fencing installation by Australian Contractors: Outback Fencing